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NOTÍCIAS : Denúncia sobre os vídeos de prevenção censurados durante o carnaval é enviada à ONU
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A carta que denuncia o governo brasileiro por vetar os vídeos de prevenção à Aids, com foco nos gays, já foi enviada às agências competentes da ONU, e está circulando para que outras instituições possam ter acesso ao fato ocorrido no último carnaval.

Confira a carta e envie para as instituições de seu conhecimento.

Denunciation of the Government of President Dilma Rousseff The State of São Paulo AIDS/NGO Forum, Brazil, internationally denounces the government of President Dilma Rousseff for censoring an anti-AIDS campaign dedicated to young gay men (15 to 24 years)

This population is seriously affected by the epidemic, and recent research has shown that HIV affects 10.5% of homosexual men in the country. For this reason, and for the first time in the history of Brazil, on December 1st, 2011, the International Day against AIDS, would be dedicated to young gay population. After the interference of the Minister of Health, Alexandre Padilha, a boring video was issued, where HIV was not discussed, neither youth, nor gay population. Another attempt to campaign for this sector and others, was on Carnival 2012. Generally, in these days the M. Health campaigns for AIDS prevention in media that include broadcast TV. Four videos showing the need for condom use for different populations were presented on February 2 in the favela of Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, in the presence of the Minister of Health. One of them showed two young gay men exchanging hugs in a nightclub. At the end of this video, a fairy appears and offers
condoms. The style of the production clearly satisfied broadcast television standards. These videos were censored later by the Minister of Health or the President. The Minister said that the videos were for indoor exhibition, in places dedicated to these audiences, such as night clubs, etc., and not for dissemination in broadcast TV. It should be noted that some teenagers (15-18 years) were part of the goal of the campaign but they cannot enter these spaces due to their ages. No one ever explained, which were the agreements with any nightclubs or other meeting places the M. of Health made in order to display this video.

The videos were replaced by one for the general population with epidemiological data, speaking about proportions and percentages, rather than showing kisses, hugs and condoms. We think that the Brazilian population understands much more about kisses, hugs and condoms than about numbers, proportions and percentages. And that being accustomed to programs like Big Brother and other reality shows, these videos may seem demure!
If the widespread distribution of condoms is a very important aspect of HIV prevention, attacking the social determinants of HIV vulnerability is other equally important strategy to warrant the right to health and prevention. In fact, homosexual men face prejudice and discrimination at school (but in 2011 the Ministry of Education tried to exhibit a video against homophobia in schools where there had been homophobia problems, which was also vetoed by President Dilma Rousseff), and in their own family. This discrimination often leads these young people to leave their homes and school and become prey to exploiters. In such situation of vulnerability, the refusal of the government of President Dilma to publicize prevention messages for gay youth showing homoaffective situations in television, constitutes an omission to act in some of the areas where the vulnerability is produced, that is, places that are not only dedicated to the homosexual population. The
government of President Dilma therefore refuses to defend equality in the footsteps of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court which established in 05/05/2011 that same sex civil unions were synonymous of family. The universal right to health is established by the 1988 Constitution, and it is the duty of the State. The refusal to attack the social determinants of vulnerability to HIV goes against the right to health of this

The former education Minister of this government, Fernando Haddad, recently expressed that violence against homosexual men in Brazil is growing. And the homophobic statements of legislators and pastors serve, even unintentionally, to raise it. For this reason we call our colleagues in the fight against AIDS and for Human Rights to write respectfully to President Dilma Rousseff (casacivil@planalto.gov.br) al Ministro de Salud, Alexandre Padilha the Minister of Health, Dr. Alexandre Padilha ( ministro@saude.gov.br), with copies to the Secretary of Health Surveillance Dr. Jarbas Barbosa (jarbas.barbosa@saude.gov.br) and the Secretary of the Health Minister Dr. Eliane Cruz (eliane.cruz@saude.gov.br), and Brazilian embassies. Here we propose a letter as a model. In the event that you decide to write, we kindly ask you to send a copy to forumongsp@forumaidssp.org.br Her Excellency Dilma Rousseff President of Brazil Dear President: As your Excellency knows, the
population of homosexual men, transvestites and transsexuals in Brazil, is facing a severe HIV/AIDS epidemic. So we are writing to your Excellency to request an end to government censorship on HIV/AIDS campaigns for television, especially for homosexual men, transvestites and transsexuals.

Only then the Brazilian government will begin to fulfill its duty on the right to health of this population, attacking the social determinants of its vulnerability. Sincerely,

First video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dhlUv9_80V8 Second video:


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